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Products - AI Guided Document Review

Search for and upload documents, build review tasks, use active learning to create structured data, and analyze your data with

srvc - An Open Protocol For Review Streams

Sysrev version control (SRVC) builds document review flows from modular components like data sources, user interfaces, and machine learning systems. Each component can be written in any language or hosted remotely. This enables a an open ecosystem for document review developers. - A Bioinformatics Data Registry

Import data-dependencies for your own projects with a single line of code. Use common data-science tools to analyze 40+ life science databases. Deploy your own databases or machine learning models to the platform. - Harmonizing Life Science

A Neo4j database that integrates many databases with chemistry + biology data.


Grant Status
NIH-Toxindex ↗ Active
NSF-Oncindex ↗ Active
Ontox-Project ↗ Active
NIH-Survive-OUD ↗ Complete



See google-scholar.

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